Little Maryam fun facts

#1 We make parenting easier

All parents recognise that a day does not have enough hours to complete all daily tasks. It is a challenge to take care of and feed your child, do the housework, meet your deadlines at work and fulfill your other obligations.

There isn't always time to cook, but you still want to give your child a healthy meal.

Little Maryam has worked hard to address your concerns. With our delicious baby meals, you always have a tasty and healthy meal ready in no time.

Little Maryam makes life easier for parents and children during busy times!

#2 our baby meals are always Halal

It is our passion to provide parents with the highest quality products that meet the highest halal quality standards. To ensure compliance, the production chain and products are certified by a trusted and globally recognised certification body, Halal Certification Services (HCS). They are recognised by the Halal Authorities of Malaysia (JAKIM), United Arab Emirates (ESMA) and Saudi Arabia (Muslim World League), among others.

Little Maryam is always Halal!

#3 We like organic

We are committed to ensuring that our products and partners are as planet-friendly and animal-friendly as possible. It is our goal to hand our children and grandchildren a world as good and clean as possible. 

Little Maryam's baby meals therefore consist only of organic ingredients, to which no chemical, aromatic or flavouring substances are added. Also, only livestock farmers who apply animal-friendly practices are selected.

In order to guarantee quality, our products carry the European organic label. This label shows that the baby food complies with the EU regulations for organic farming.

Little Maryam loves organic!

We promise quality!